Things I Said I’d Never Do When Wedding Planning that I’ve 100% Done

Wedding Planning

Save the Dates. I always thought these were ridiculous and unnecessary but now that we’re actually getting married I’m like “I WANT EVERYONE TO COME. NO EXCUSES” so I needed to give advance notice. Also, most of our guests will be traveling so that’s useful info for them to have.

Wedding Website. This is something that always made me uncomfortable. Like oh, hi, here’s a website about us and how amazing I think we are. We are way more special than any of the other millions of people getting married this year. But again, the whole everyone is traveling thing made it useful to have. I still feel weird having a website devoted to us* so I’m using it solely for information about the hotel, etc.

Cry. So far, I’ve cried once. It was when I couldn’t get my brand new printer to work and I was furiously texting Tim paragraphs about how stupid it was and I was thisclose to sending people Evites. Then, I realized I had a setting wrong on which paper feed I was trying to use. I am 100% sure I will cry again at some point in the next 8 months.

Remain calm. Knowing how poorly I handle stress, I thought for sure I would be on edge. Aside from the above scenario, I’ve actually managed to keep my cool. At the end of the day, I know that literally know one will give a shit what type of font I use for invitations or what flowers we use. Perspective, ya’ll.

Not Pin allthethings. At first, I was pinning everything I came across like a crazy person, but now I’m realizing that it was giving me anxiety because I thought I needed to have a Pinterest-perfect wedding. If I don’t have individual mason jars stuffed with cake pops with each guest’s name printed on them, it won’t be real!!! So, I’ve refrained from doing that lately. Plus, Pinterest has been pissing me off with their suggested pins. GTFO my way.

*I realize the irony of this statement as I write this on my public blog.


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