The Bachelor Ben, Week 7: I Wonder if Anyone is Scared

What a boring episode. #BringBackOlivia

Ben arrived in his hometown of Warsaw, IN wearing a nice cuffed jean with a boot, as one does, I suppose. He met up with his parents to update them on the past few months and make sure they knew who was the best kisser before they met them.

After a boat ride with Captain Ben, Lauren got the first one-on-one date and the other ladies shut down because they were jealous and still haven’t figured out what this show is about. Lauren had 30 minutes to get ready. She looked like she had just gotten her hair blown out and spent some time at a Sephora counter but she still panicked and pranced away to get ready. They drove around in a red Chevy pickup truck and looked at really important things like Ben’s high school and movie theater.

Bachelor Ben and Lauren

He took her to an after school program for children. This was actually adorable. Can we just give a shout out to the badass kid, Ronnie, who made the half court shot like a boss? After that, the Indiana Pacers walked in and I was so thankful that I wasn’t on that date because I would have had no idea who they were. Ben took Lauren to his apartment and they talked about how much they trust each other and how well they know each other and how much they like each other. YAWN. Then they went to his local dive bar to make it more obvious that she is the front runner.
Bachelor Ben - Lauren B.png

Jojo and Ben went to Wrigley field for their date and wore jerseys that said “Mr. Higgins” and “Mrs. Higgins” which is awkward if he doesn’t end up with her. They “played baseball” and then had dinner in the middle of the field because they’re trying to imagine how their life will be in real life. They talked about being scared and fears and feelings. Jojo cleared up what she was scared about by saying that she was “just scared and nervous.” Maybe Ben’s constant leather jacket wearing is what scares her. Either way, he pretended to understand what she was saying. 

Becca, Caila, and Amanda got the group date which was a boat ride, flying kites, and constantly talking about a rose. Ben is obsessed with finding out why people are scared so he asked Becca the same question. She gave the same response that Jojo uttered earlier this season: “Don’t blindside me.” Welp, we know at least one of them will be blindsided, and let’s be honest, probably both because Lauren exists.

Bachelor Ben Scared.png

Ben gave Amanda the group date rose. They left the others in the dust (literally – they were in a barn) and drove off to spend the rest of the evening together. Ben wanted to give her a normal date so he took her to McDonald’s. You could tell this girl was way out of her comfort zone – mainly because those size zero jeans ain’t never seen a McMuffin. They went to a carnival put together just for them. Those interns did a great job recreating Grease Live again.

Emily and Ben took a boat ride to his parents’ house and Emily talked in circles about how she’s so young and has so many dreams of being a cheerleader and also that she wants to have children and a family ASAP. She told Ben’s mom that she has confidence that she will be an above average mom, which was bold for someone who can barely form complete sentences. But, she loves ducks, so it’s all good! After that date, Ben took her back and told her she is amazing but he “just can’t see her being his wife.” Blunt is the name of the game with this guy. The girls looked on wondering “is she sad?” and hoping the answer was yes because that ups their chances of staying. She walked back in and sobbed with the girls until they drove her away.
Bachelor Ben - Emily Crying.gif

At the rose ceremony, Ben and Chris Harrison had a heart to heart on the stoop because Ben didn’t know who to send home.

Bachelor Ben and Chris Harrison.png

Like a true therapist/friend/mentor/creep, Chris asked “Can you honestly see all 5 of these women being your wife?” DEEP, bro. But apparently that helped because Ben was able to make a decision and send Becca home. Girl was pissed because she specifically asked him not to blindside her, but like there’s no way to not be. I’m with Ben on this one. Plus, it was super obvious that wasn’t into her when she told him how much she liked him and he just stared at her. 

Final Predictions: No idea who the top 3 will be but it doesn’t matter because Jojo and Lauren will be top two. Based on the previews, Ben will send Lauren home, pull a Mesnick, and realize he’s in love with her. He will run after her and tell her he made a mistake and propose. Jojo will watch the episode with rage when she figures out that he was 2 seconds away from proposing to her instead.

*Mic drop*



One thought on “The Bachelor Ben, Week 7: I Wonder if Anyone is Scared

  1. Just an fyi haha I started watching because of you and now I’m hooked in this car wreck can’t look away but can’t wait for next week kind of way! *Lauren is clearly winning and Amanda’s voice irritates me*

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