Five Thing Friday 02.19.2016

1. Last week I started having strange dreams related to Pretty Little Liars so I had to take a break from the show. I watched one episode last night and it was a mistake. Ever wake up at 3AM and think A is in your apartment? I have. 

2. Other unwelcome guests? There was a mouse in my apartment. Have I mentioned this? How have I not mentioned this?! I saw it a few weeks ago, 2 days in a row, helping himself to my crumbs. I then called my father to ask him to come over and set up mouse traps because I’m 28 years old and he was nearly 1.5 inches long! Anyway, the mouse was never caught so I’m hoping he moved I’m no longer paying for his housing.  

Please note: My mouse was not this cute. 

3. Is it possible for your hair to form a cowlick if you’ve never had one before? Because that has been happening to me for like a year and it is so damn annoying. I tried to Google but then I started spiraling to the conclusion that it meant I was going blind and also going to lose both feet, so I closed WebMD (unsure how I got there to begin with) and moved on with my life. 

4. I wonder at what point am I actually going to say “shit, I really gotta stop eating dessert every night if I want to look good in that wedding dress.” Probably 2 days before the wedding.   

 5. I have a really busy weekend coming up of sleeping and sleeping. Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday 02.19.2016

  1. I hate mice. I do t care if these two inches long and I’m 6’2″ and I don’t care if people think they’re cute and I don’t care about animal cruelty when they’re in my attic. I want them gone by any means. I don’t care.

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