Personal Space: Use It

You can probably imagine I have a lot of pet peeves. Loud chewers and people who tailgate are among the top contenders but nothing makes me more ragey than people with lack of respect for personal space.


Let me paint the scene for you. I’m in the checkout line at Rite Aid picking up Reese’s eggs and cough drops – the essentials. A man walks in and nearly cuts in front of the man checking out and then mumbles “oh” and points to the line. He then stands directly next to me. Last I checked, a line should be one person behind another but what the hell do I know? He reeks of stale cigarette smoke (ah yes, another pet peeve) and I am so disgusted.

I walk up to the counter and he literally walks in sync with me. He places his item directly next to mine and the cashier looks at me wide-eyed. I forgot my rewards card so I type in my phone number. The guy laughs and says “I’m not looking. I’m not a stalker don’t worry.” 

Sir. I’m not concerned that you might see my phone number. I’m concerned that you’re standing close enough to me to even feel the need to say that! I did not respond and did not look at him so he laughed again. I still did not answer and gave him some side eye. He did not take the hint. I gave the cashier a look of compassion and left.

This is a genuine question: what the hell is wrong with people? Aside from invading my personal space, why the hell does he want me that close to him? Also, it’s a check out line. There’s no need to stand so close. I wouldn’t even stand this close to Tim or a friend if I were in line with them. I am baffled and can still smell the raunchy stench of smoke.



3 thoughts on “Personal Space: Use It

  1. Nothing creeps me out more than people in my area. When I was on my mission, I had a companion from French Canada and he always invaded my space and I was ALWAYS so uncomfortable. I think American’s have like the widest personal space needs in the world and I don’t really care if people know that.

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