Five Thing Friday, 02.26.2016

1. I went to the dentist yesterday, which is always an event because I need to turn everything into a bigger deal than it is. But it WAS horrible, as per usual. The bib looked like a crime scene when I was done. “The bleeding means there’s bacteria.” No, it doesn’t. It means you’re using a scalpel in my mouth you bunny boiler.

2. Please don’t post any Fuller House spoilers because I won’t be watching it until next week. I anticipate plowing through the entire season within 3 days. Moderation, I know not.
Fuller House Couch.gif

3. The last season of American Idol I watched in full was Lee’s. After that, I wasn’t as religious about watching. I tuned in last night because Kelly Clarkson was guest judging/performing and I love me some Kelly. Talk about nostalgia. This show was around before YouTube according to their intro timeline! That’s just cray. Way to go, Idol. But I still hate the new judges, k thanks. If you’re looking for the best American Idol performance of all time, look no further.

I know I’ve posted this before but you can really never watch it too much.

4. There is an “Everything Donut.”
Move over, Cronut, there's a new food hybrid in town. It's called the everything doughnut.
I am disturbed, but intrigued. But mostly disturbed.

5. Happy Friday!
Pretty Little Liars - Aria Yay.gif


3 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 02.26.2016

  1. Blood in the bin is one thing. Blood on your chin when you leave the office and no one told you it was here is another.
    Jelly was great last night and Piece By Piece was a tearjerker. She killed it.

  2. Is that bird seed on that donut? I’m pretty sure if I just scrape that off I could salvage it…And yeah, don’t even pull that crap about us bleeding when clearly it’s them making us bleed.

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