Wedding Dreams Part 2

After my first two wedding nightmares, things calmed down a bit. Until the other day…

In real life, our photographer is booked. We took engagement photos months ago! Alas, my dream consisted of a no-show photographer.

He wasn’t there for those coveted “getting ready photos” but being the laid-back, cool bride I am, I brushed it off and didn’t worry. Then, it was time to go to the ceremony and he still wasn’t there.

I ran to find Tim (before the wedding – the horror!) and he was like “relax. just call him and see if he’s on his way.” I did that and our photog answered. When i calmly asked if he was okay and what his ETA was, he responded “Oh, Erica. I am so sorry. I thought your wedding was next week.”

I felt relieved, “Oh my gosh, that’s fine if you can leave now.”

“No, you don’t understand. I’m at another wedding. I must have double-booked. I’m so sorry. I will refund you everything.”

Lea Michele scream

I was sobbing, and then we researched apps so people could upload their iPhone photos for us to have. At least I had a solution?


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