The Bachelor Ben, Week 10: Women Tell All

Let’s break this circus down into some main topics, shall we?

Viewing Parties
Why are they still doing this? Why did someone dress their infant up in a onesie that said Mrs. Higgins, as though they were hoping Ben turned out to be some sort of pedophile. He loved that, though, because there are just all different generations who watch The Bachelor. Someone explain to Ben what a one-year-old is and what they actually watch. That being said…Chris Harrison: Can you please call me? I will arrange a party if you come visit. K thanks.

I forgot about this girl! Leah threw Lauren under the bus when she told Ben that Lauren wasn’t the same with him than she was with the girls.Everyone called her out on her lies last night and her response was that she “didn’t feel that her conversation with Ben should have been publicly discussed.” Did she think the cameras were just there for her own pleasure? It is obviously to mock and ridicule.  


We found out that Jubilee said she was going to be the “first full black woman to make it far in the show.” Amber and Jami were super offended because they’re biracial. I didn’t really get this but I’m not biracial so what do I know? After a lot of strange banter, Jubilee apologized and Amber blew her kisses, so all is well, I guess. When Jubilee talked to Chris Harrison, she said her biggest fear is that she’s hard to love. He turned into her therapist and made sure that she understood that she is special and lovable. Oh, and he thanked her for her service in the military which I think was the first time anyone associated with the show has done. Which is sad. 

Lace still seemed like a hot mess. She talked about how she’s working on herself and yada yada but girlfriend still seemed off. She seemed a bit more sane when some dude interrupted to show her a tattoo that he had made of her on his rib. WUT. Lace is, of course, going to be on Bachelor in Paradise.  

Ohhhh, Olivia. This broad is delusional. She claimed that no one ever confronted her about how insane she was which was hilarious. Olivia told us that she wasn’t “actively” trying to ruin anyone’s time or sabotage anyone, so I guess it just came naturally. She turned this into the fact that she was bullied as a child so she thinks she gets free reign to be a crazy bitch. She went on to say that it was mean of them to pick on her for her breath and her toes , which is 100% true. However, Liv, if you weren’t so awful to them, they wouldn’t feel the need to pick on you for those things. 

Chris Harrison immediately called Ben out for telling both Jojo and Lauren that he loved them. Ben had no response. He told Caila that their relationship was very important to him. Leah jumped in because she thought she was still relevant and asked Ben why he told Lauren what she said. He was like wait, what’s your name? Jubilee asked why Ben didn’t try to get to know her when she said she didn’t want to open up when he tried harder with Caila and Jojo. Well, Joobs, probably because he liked them. Amanda told him she wished him the best and he will be a great husband and father one day. Becca thanked him for showing her that there are good guys out there. Shout out to Mandy and Becky for showing some sort of maturity!

Ben told Chris Harrison that he would marry the girl he picked tomorrow if he could. Then we watched an atrocious preview of Ben repeatedly telling each girl that he was in love with her. It was honestly disturbing. 

I am so excited for next week!!!


One thought on “The Bachelor Ben, Week 10: Women Tell All

  1. This is the first time I’m actually excited to see the last episode. I think they made Ben tell 2 girls he loves them just for the drama and to capture our attention. Can’t wait. 🙂

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