Fitbit Review After 1 Week

I recently bought myself a Fitbit and now I think I’m an athlete because I don’t just sit on my couch all the time. I’m told that this is what normal people do on a daily basis, but whatever.

My personal goal is to reach 10,000 steps per day, which is difficult when I’m glued to a desk from 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday. Thus, I sometimes need to get creative in order to get my steps in.
Mall Walking
Tim rued the day the day he told me that the Fitbit Flex was on sale because a week later we were were at the mall on a Friday night doing multiple laps with middle-aged women. That’s actually not an exaggeration. Two women who looked like they were in a power walking race, complete with sweatshirts tied around their waists surpassed us. That was embarrassing, but I got my steps in that day!
Outdoor Walking (We’re creative)
This past Saturday seemed like it would be a bit warmer, so we decided to walk outside. Within 30 seconds, I immediately regretted my decision. Tim didn’t have a hat and I’m still not sure how his ears didn’t fall off. I kept putting my hand in my pocket and he would scold me, “Don’t stop swinging your arm!!!” because any step missed was a second longer we had to be outside. I got to my goal, though, so that’s cool I guess. Luckily the next day it was warm out so it was a bit more enjoyable.
Jumping Jacks
There have been a few nights when I’m under 1,000 steps shy of meeting my 10,000 step goal. You better believe I start doing some jumping jacks/running in place until I get there.
Actual Running
I ran/walked over 3 miles on the dreadmill Monday night, and over 5 miles last night. It was as terrible as I always remembered it to be, but I did it anyway because of that step goal.
All in all, it’s been pretty positive for me. When I see that my Fitbit is like LOL You’re a lazy piece of shit with only 2,000 steps, I’m like shut up, you a-hole, I am not! And need to prove it wrong. Friendly competition with family and friends helps as well – not even because I’m trying to beat them, but because I don’t want to look like the lazy one.

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