Five Thing Friday, 03.11.2016

1. I have consistently exercised every day this week, which is average for most, but above and beyond for myself. I either ran or walked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On my Wednesday run my legs felt like they were 500 pounds each so last night I chose to do this Fitness Blender workout which I thought would be easy. LOL. My abs are burning as I type this.
gryzzlbox parks and recreation andy dwyer tom haverford work out

2. I’ve been staying up WAY past my 10PM bedtime every night this week for no reason to watch Pretty Little Liars and I am so exhausted. I cannot wait to sleep in this weekend.
NOT WELL ENOUGH, apparently. I only got 8 out of 12 right. I feel like I’m borderline stalker with this people, I should have done better.
4. If you need something to watch on Netflix, please watch Iliza Shlesinger’s stand up. She’s hilarious and if you enjoy inappropriate and crude humor – which I do – you will love it.
5. I poured chunky milk into my coffee on Monday morning, so I think it’s safe to say I’m ready to get this week the hell over with. Have a good weekend!

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