Five Thing Friday, 03.18.2016

1. I am still so annoyed by The Bachelor finale. Can we start a pool for bets on when they’ll break up? Over/under November 14th?The Bachelor Oliva Clapping

I miss Olivia.

2. I am still going strong with my Fitbit. This has been my third full week of not eating dessert on a daily basis and exercising regularly. Who knew I just needed motivation to not look like sausage in my wedding dress?

3. I am nearly caught up to the current season of Pretty Little Liars. I am semi embarrassed/semi proud of my dedication.
Pretty Little Liars - Aria Losing It.gif

4. Nothing like some Spring weather to make you realize how badly you need a pedicure.  
So sorry to the guy who had to deal with my winter paws.

5. It’s supposed to snow this weekend, apparently. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen… Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 03.18.2016

      1. Now it seems they’re wrong…it went from 8-12 to an inch over night. Can’t wait to see what we’re actually going to get since they haven’t been right yet..:)

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