Five Thing Friday, 04.15.2016

1. I’m still going strong with my Fitbit. I’m working on getting a full post together, but for now I had to share that the other day, not only did I need to use a belt, but I had to use it on a tighter hole than usual. #Winning

2. Embarrassingly enough, I am caught up to the current season of Pretty Little Liars and am so sad that I need to wait until the new season starts and watch it like a regular person with everyone else.
Pretty Little Liars - Hanna crying.gif

3. Did anyone else cry during the American Idol finale? Just me? Okay. But like they brought back Brian Dunkleman! And Simon! I screamed (alone in my apartment) when Simon walked out.
Simon Cowell.gif

And Clay was there and all of a sudden I was 15 sitting in my room singing “is thattttt is thatttt is thattttt how you measure a mannnnn?” And Taylor Hicks was there pretending that he was successful and the show changed his life. And Jennifer Hudson was like LOL ok Tay, have you seen my Oscar? It was just amazing and clearly I should have devoted a full post to this.
Randy Paula Simon.gif

4. I am working on getting myself organized blog-wise (for the 15th time) so I can start posting on a more regular basis. Stay tuned.
Arthur blog.gif
Thank you for this amazing GIF, internet (

5. It is going to be warm and sunny this weekend and I love you, Spring.


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