Fitbit Review After (Almost) 8 Weeks

I first posted about my Fitbit after only one week of use so I figured it was time for an update.

Fitbit Review 8 Weeks
*Note: Not necessary to wear with silver bracelet unless you’re a fashionista like myself.

If you’ve read anything about my hate/hate relationship with diet and exercise, you probably assumed that by this point I would have given up – I certainly thought I would have. But, guys! I didn’t!

I started out with merely walking and am now up to running 1.5 miles without stopping. Baby steps, okay? A fitness blog this is not. I still hate running, but it’s working so I keep doing it. Since starting, I have lost (give or take) 10 pounds. Awesome, right!? Except all I kept saying was “I just need to lose like 10 pounds and that’ll be good.” Turns out, I thought wrong because now I’m saying “Okay, I just need to lose like 10 more pounds.” Oh, well. At least I have a positive body image?

So, back to the Fitbit. Obviously, this weight loss was not done by walking along. I still weep over the lost drinks and donuts I ignored. However, if you’re someone who needs motivation, I truly believe the Fitbit (or some sort of tracker) is the way to go. It keeps you accountable, both for yourself and so your friends and family don’t think you’re dying because you’ve moved so few steps in one day.

I do wish I knew I would love it so much because I would have shelled out more cash for a more useful model. I have the flex, which has the least “bells and whistles,” and while it does the job, it is annoying to have to sync to the app every time I want to see my step count, rather than a simple tap of the wrist. First world problems? Of course. But, just something to think about if you’re legit looking into purchasing one.

Perhaps I’ll see where I am in another 4-8 weeks. Hopefully I’m still trucking along since I’m not allowing myself to throw in the towel until September 25th.


3 thoughts on “Fitbit Review After (Almost) 8 Weeks

      1. Yes, that is what they tell me. Maybe I need to get in on the revolution. Though I would probably end up never getting the buzz, cause I only walk like 3000 a day.

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