This is the Type of Person Who Hits on Me

People are so weird. I mean, so am I, but I wouldn’t stop someone on the street during their run to poorly and uncomfortably hit on them.

Apparently the 54-year-old man who hit on me disagreed. How do I know his age? Oh, let me explain.

Running along the street and someone starts waving at me like they recognize me. I reluctantly turn off my music and try to place him as I approach him, wondering if he was someone I used to work with. He was not.
Man: How you doin’? You so beautiful.
Oh, come the hell on.
Lauren Conrad Eye Roll.gif

Me: Oh. Thank you.
I start to walk away.
Man: You married?
Oh, we’re going to do this? Okay.
Me: Yes. Close enough, right?
Man: Aw, well he’s a lucky man. You be good to each other.
That was actually very nice.
Me: Oh, thank you very much.
I once again start to walk away
Man: You got a sista?
Baby Eye Roll
Me: She’s married, too.
Man: Wait, how old are you? I’m 54. Maybe I’d like your mama.
tina fey eye roll.gif
Me: Yeah but I don’t think she’d like you.

Okay, I didn’t really say the last line because I was too chicken, but the rest of it happened. While we’re on the subject of Mom…Mom, don’t worry. This took place in a very crowded/safe area.


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