Five Thing Friday, 04.29.2016




1. I bought a pair of sandals the other day and I didn’t realize they were Aerosoles until I was checking out.

I legit almost put them back but I think they’re cute and they’re so comfy! I can’t believe I’m officially old.

2. Someone brought ice cream sandwiches to work the other day and it was so delicious. I forgot how good they are! And what a good idea. I felt like such a rebel eating ice cream at work. While sitting at my desk working, but you get it.

3. Literally me. Every day.

4. I’ve been drinking these constantly lately and they’re strangely delicious.

Or, just another sign that I’m getting old…

5. Mmmmk I really can’t think of anything else. I’m tired, damnit! Happy Friday!


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