Five Thing Friday, 05.06.2016

1. I’ve been doing some spring cleaning and came across my 7th grade journal. I wish I had hilarious 12-year-old things to share with you, but I was pretty boring. I did find it hilarious that my nerdy-ass self felt the need to document my grades each quarter.
Like WTF. I was not a normal child. Another entry said “I hope I’m on the high honor roll again!” Like, my parents didn’t need to worry ’bout a damn thing. You’re welcome Mom & Dad. Oh and of course I excelled in “Foods…”

2. I started season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I know I’ve mentioned this show on the blog before, but if you are not watching this, you need to immediately. If you don’t laugh at Tituss, you are the worst.

3. Okay, this is completely out of left field but I came across this GIF when I was searching for others.
Sammi Jersey Shore.gif

Remember the insane fights Sammi and Ronnie used to have on Jersey Shore? “RON. RON!!!! STAAAAPPPHHH.” Are they still together? I need to know. A quick Google search shows me they were “back on” as of March. LOLOL for days that they are still “on and off.” I miss that show so much.

4. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night and now I’m struggling. I probably didn’t need a night cap of wine at 11PM but it felt like a good idea at the time. Gone are the days where I can drink with abandon and function properly the next day. By “drink with abandon” I obviously mean have 2-3 drinks.
Meryl Headache.gif

5. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama Bears of the world! XO


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