Realistic Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

I can’t tell you how many stupid articles I’ve come across telling you what you should or shouldn’t do for your own wedding. How bout “Do whatever the hell you want.” The following are things I’ve come across and what I really think about some of the “advice” the wise internet gives you.
Wedding Do's And Don'ts

Do Save the Dates – We did these, but guess what? If you don’t want to, your wedding will still happen.

Do Handwritten Addresses on Invitations– Ah, yes. I wish I was a talented calligrapher. Actually, I wish I had enough disposable income to hire a talented calligrapher. But, I’m not, and I don’t. So we will be committing a “major” wedding faux pas by printing addresses on our envelopes rather than hand-writing them. And whaddya know – our wedding will still happen.

Do Be Grateful – I’ve seen this multiple times. Does this really need to be mentioned? Does anyone receive a “congratulations” or a gift or help with wedding-related tasks and think Ugh, not this again!? I feel like if you apply this to life in general it will carry over. And if you don’t, you suck.

Don’t Forget to Eat – I’ve seen this on literally every wedding website, forum, and Pinterest article. It’s just so hilarious. I’ve never missed a meal in my life and I don’t intend to.

Don’t Do DIY Centerpieces – This seems like an awfully specific DIY item to point out. I’m not doing these myself because, again, I lack the talent. But, if I could, you bet your ass I would be, because again, money. So DIY, hire someone, or don’t have damn centerpieces at all if that’s what you want to do. Because – you guessed it – your wedding will still happen.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Finding a vintage mailbox to be used as a card box might seem small to you but it is literally the only thing some people want right now and damnit they will sweat it until they find one.*

*Just an example. Not real life experience. But if you happen to come across a mailbox like this and the price allows me to keep my limbs, please let me know. (Just out of pure curiosity in case someone I know wants it).
Vintage Mailbox for Cards


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