The Bachelorette Jojo, Week 5: Jojo Makes Her Own Rules

The circus went to Buenos Aires for their next adventure and we were greeted with Jojo wore a snug red dress that highlighted her thong, which seemed a bit much for prime time television.

Wells admitted that he hadn’t kissed Jojo yet and the guys were flipping out because there was so much pressure to kiss her on their date. I think they were also flipping out because they don’t understand that some people are able to keep it in their pants around a pretty girl.
Robby The Bachelorette.gif

Wells and Jojo went to some performance art show where people swam in a giant tank above them and they participated. They finally swapped spit and Jojo celebrated by screaming “We did it!” We know, Jo. We’re here. Watching you. Like a bunch of freaks.

At dinner, Jojo talked about how she wants passion in her relationship and Wells was basically like umm no that’s not real which was super awkward. She ended up sending him home and pretended to feel bad about it but I don’t think she really cared.

On the group date, Luke told Jojo he “really like likes her” and is just “happy” and “likes being here.” He has not yet smiled. I don’t understand why a person who constantly looks angry is still here.
Luke No Smile

Fake James Taylor still had some slight scarring on his eye. He acted like he was warning Jojo about Jordan but it basically seemed like he was just jealous that Jordan is more attractive than he is. She confronted Jordan and asked if he was snobby and entitled. What a ridiculous question. Who’s going to be like Ya know, it’s funny you asked. I actually am a huge douchebag. Luke got the rose while Jordan mentally killed fake James Taylor.

Jojo took Derek and Chase to learn the Tango. Love the metaphors. So creative. Derek told Jojo he was falling for her and she said “I appreciate that.” Jojo told Chase he needed to open up more and he was like oh yeah, I totally want to marry you. So, she gave him the rose. They danced to a private concert of “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” while Derek repeated to himself “don’t cry” as they drove him away. Now I want to watch Evita.

At the rose ceremony, Jojo gave roses to everyone except for Alex and Fake James Taylor. She dramatically went to Chris Harrison to tell him that she couldn’t give out the final rose. It seemed obvious to me that she doesn’t like either FJT or Alex, and wanted to send them both home. Instead, she gave them BOTH roses and no one went home. Who the hell does Jojo think she is that she can just get extra roses? And why is she pretending that she likes either of those 2 more than Chase, Jordan, Robby, or Luke?? Jojo I Don't Get People.gif



2 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Jojo, Week 5: Jojo Makes Her Own Rules

  1. They’re already down to 6? No wonder she didn’t send both guys home. She’d have a final 4 within 3 weeks of meeting them. Gotta prolong it another TV week to make it look like a long time.

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