The blog has been lacking (aside from The Bachelorette posts) and there’s really no reason for that since I’m still funemployed for the time being.

Tim and I are getting married in 67 days. What the what? Once the wedding is over, I don’t plan to continue my unemployment so I’m taking advantage of it while it’s here. I basically have the summer off and teachers do that yearly so it’s totally normal, right? Right.

I’ve been exploring my new city, eating pizza and ice cream, and doing wedding things. So, nothing has changed except I’m a more cheerful person without a blaring alarm waking me in the early morning.

There’s really no point to this post other than to have some sort of segue before I’m just like oh hey guys, here’s my DIY Cake Topper! (COMING SOON [Once Tim helps secure the dowels {but I’m not here to passive aggressively ask him to do that via my blog. (Just kidding. Of course I am.)}])

So, I will be blogging more, because quite frankly, WTF is my excuse not to right now?

I will leave you with this photo for an example of what NOT to do when ordering a photo guest book. (No, we are not traveling back in time to get married 2 years ago.) UGH.


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