This ‘n’ That

Remember when I said I was going to blog more and then I didn’t? Cool, yeah, me neither. I’ve been doing super important things.

  • Tim and I went with my family to Lake George this past weekend and it was glorious, as per usual. There’s something about being a lazy POS for 4 days straight sitting on a beach, ya know? Also, I want a boat. If someone could arrange it, that would be great.
    Captain Tim
  • Wedding invitations have been sent and received. We’re starting to receive RSVP’s back and lemme tell ya – everyone tells you it’s the most exciting thing in the world, and it genuinely is. I watch for the mail truck to pull up around 1 every day so I can run out and get the mail immediately after. I mentioned I’m funemployed, right?
  • I have completed a few DIY wedding things like bathroom amenity baskets and a card box and I am supremely proud of everything. Making a “simple program” in Word is proving to be more difficult than I had hoped for, though.
  • A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this year-round Christmas store which is only 1/2 mile from our apartment. It is what dreams are made of.
  • I am watching Bachelor in Paradise but I haven’t been blogging. For shame. I have been live tweeting – does that count? Well, when I’m watching live, that is.
  • Speaking of, I am following Jojo on Snapchat and both her and Jordan look miserable in everything she posts.
  • Our wedding is in 6 weeks and I somehow just realized I still have 10 pounds to lose, so that’s an issue. I am trying to keep up with my Fitbit but when the temp is 96 degrees, “feels like 106” it’s a bit difficult. I started sweating when I walked 10 steps to my car earlier.
  • I am turning 29 on Saturday which sounds atrocious. Don’t talk to me next year when I’m 30…

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