Five Thing Friday, 10.07.16

Who new I needed to have a full time job to start blogging again? Am I allowed to just jump into a 5 thing Friday? Yes I am because this is my blog, damnit!
1. That’s right. I am no longer funemployed. As predicted, I am already longing for those days. I started about 2 weeks before the wedding which was not ideal but they allowed me to take time off so that was perfect.

2. Good thing because I would have been sad if I had to miss out on this view for a week. We were home for 3 hours when I started researching other sandals resorts and Tim didn’t even pretend to humor me that we’d be going back any time soon. 

3. Oh right, we got married. What the what?! It was amazing and awesome and still feels like a blur. I don’t even remember it all – due do adrenaline rush for 15 hours straight, not alcohol. But I wouldn’t have changed a damn thing.

*Photos by J. Foley Photography, who was AWESOME. If you’re looking for a photog in the Albany area, call him meow.*

4. DC Traffic is worse than people say. That is all.

5. Happy Friday! I think that was my issue with doing these over the summer. I felt like an asshole being like “have a great weekend!” When I had a 3 months of entire weekends. Welcome back, me? 


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