Five Thing Friday, 10.14.16

Wow, 1 post per week?! I’m really putting in the effort again. Slow and steady, right?

1. I finished How I Met Your Mother this week and like everyone else (2 years ago) I was fuming after the last episode and here’s why *Spoiler alert y’all*

I read spoilers myself so I knew the mother had died at the end. Honestly, kind of made sense because it explains why Ted went through this entire story for his kids. HOWEVER, hate that he ended up with Robin. Both of them were so damn annoying with their back and forth the whole time but Robin got super selfish by the end and I ended up hating her. Divorcing Barney basically happened because she was traveling too much and focused on work which caused their fighting = selfish. After their divorce Lily was crying asking her to come around more and she was like boo boo I ruined my life and you guys are all happy and I don’t like happy people = selfish. She basically ditched her friends until Ted’s wedding. How conveeeeenient. Ugh, that’s my Robin rant for anyone who cares (no one). 

2. Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After. Guys, should I be blogging this? I think I should. It’s so scripted and terrible. And you thought The Bachelor was bad? Wow. 

Did anyone catch Lauren saying “you’re the one who said we should always try to look good for each other.” That sounds like my personal hell. I was polishing off a sleeve of Oreos in a t-shirt no newer than 8 years old while watching this show. Tim is so lucky.

3. I left work yesterday wearing a short sleeve shirt and pants thinking how nice it was outside. Everyone else was bundled up like a blizzard was coming. Toto, we’re not in Albany anymore. But seriously, buck up DC. 65 degrees does not equal winter boots.

4. I’ve been obsessed with the Chobani flips pumpkin harvest lately. Highly recommend. 

5. Aaannd im out. It’s tough getting back in the blogging game. Happy Friday! 


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