Honeymoon at Sandals Emerald Bay: The Food, The Drinks, The Beach, The Pool (The Good Stuff)

Missed Part One? Read it here. I’m sure you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting for part two of our honeymoon recap so let’s dive right in.

The Food
I just realized I took absolutely no photos of our food. Overall, the food was good, and better than expected. There are a few casual options that have variety but instead I’ll mention the absolute “musts” if you happen to visit this Sandals resort.

  • Dino’s Pizzeria serves – you guessed it- pizza! Have I had better? Yes. Have I had worse? Yes. These personal wood-fired pizzas were a delicious option for lunch, especially when they were delivered to us by our butler on the beach.
  • Il Cielo – The Italian restaurant. Ohhh, the Italian restaurant. Honestly, the entree’s were just okay. The sauce was super sweet so not great. But the risotto? It is what dreams are made of. We got it as an appetizer the two nights we went there. Once was basil & margherita and the other night was shrimp. Both were equally amazing and we were kicking ourselves for not just ordering it as our entree.
  • La Parisienne –The French restaurant was definitely the most “formal” atmosphere. We only went here one night – our last night – and I wish we tried it sooner. Order the Chateaubriand. I don’t know what anything else on the menu is like and you don’t need to know. It was the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life. Also, get the chocolate cake. It was the best dessert of the entire trip. Tim got the creme brulee and loved it as well. I don’t believe in non-chocolate desserts.
  • Room Service
    There are a lot of food options for room service. We ordered it twice and both times our food was kind of cold. A bummer, but a butler on a tricycle can only pedal so fast with your meals – not their fault. Yes, they rode bikes around. I freaking loved this place.What you’re seeing on our patio is in fact the resident feline. There were a few. Here he is polishing off the coffee creamer.


*FYI – everyone is so damn friendly and helpful. Ask what the best dish is. They’ll tell you.

The Drinks
Were delicious. The Drunken Duck Pub is the only indoor “bar.” They have food there as well – pretty much what you’d expect from a pub. We went there two nights of our entire week and hung out with friends we made on the death trap plane. Each of the following mornings were not pretty. So, proceed with caution. Other than that, the only bar we frequented was the pool bar.IMG_3599.jpg
A horrible picture, but you get the idea. Tim enjoyed the Miami Vice (half Strawberry Daiquiri and half Pina Colada). I stuck with the Strawberry Daiquiri and Bob Marley.IMG_3606.jpgIMG_3642.jpg

I’m thirsty now…

The Pool

While we’re already discussing it, lets move on to the glorious pool. Again, if you don’t have a butler saving seats for you, make sure you get up early and throw some towels down. The pool has a DJ in the afternoon for a bit of a party atmosphere which was super fun. There is also a “quiet pool.” We didn’t go there but it seemed quiet and there was a pool so I guess that’s good. We only went to the pool a couple times, because we were here for…

The Beach

The beach is lined with lovely cabanas and chairs, and most days we were here for hours and hours.

We’d either get our drinks from the pool bar, or call the butler to bring us some (along with pizza). Again with the chairs – get there early. It was a beautiful beach. Those pictures can tell you more than I can.

I read 3 books on that beach. If that tells you anything.

If you’re planning a trip to Sandals, definitely look into Emerald Bay, but don’t tell me because I’ll be really jealous. I’m going to go cry after looking at the pictures. BYE.IMG_3648.jpg


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