Five Thing Friday, 10.28.2016

1. I found a hole in the inner thigh of my absolute favorite black dress pants and had to get rid of them (it was time, anyway – they were very faded/old). But I’m so sad! I bet this doesn’t happen to people with thigh gap. But they also probably don’t eat cheese, so pick your battles I guess.
Tina Fey night cheese

2. Two women on the Australian version of The Bachelor are now in love with each other.  This is why there needs to be a gay version of The Bachelor. Everyone would be dating each other. People would actually turn down roses because they’d be like nah sorry I fell in love with Joe Schmo in the hot tub while you were on a date all day. I’m telling you – needs to happen.
Olivia Bachelor Mouth.gif
I miss Olivia.

3. I cannot locate ANY of my leggings and I’m scared that I accidentally got rid of them during the move. What the hell am I supposed to wear for my fall/winter/beginning-of-spring-because-I’m-still-chubby wardrobe? Obviously, I will be purchasing more. Any suggestions for leggings I can pass off as actual pants? AKA not see through? LeggingsAsPants

4. Me, all day err’day.

Is it Friday yet? 😴

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5. I have a busy weekend ahead of me of finding the best apple cider donut in the DC area and baking some sort of apple or pumpkin concoction because basic and because sugar.
miss piggy donut

Have a great weekend!


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