Five Thing Friday, 11.04.2016

1. Happy November! I trust everyone has shifted to their Christmas Pandora Stations. Might I suggest Mariah Carey Holiday Radio station? It is what dreams are made of.
Displaying image2.PNG

2. I saw this the other day and thought, finally – somebody gets it.
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3. So, Beyonce’ was at the CMAs. When I heard I was like TRAITOR. But then I watched and I was like this is awesome. And then I kept watching and I was like okay this is weird please end it. My only beef with the people complaining about having Beyonce at “their” awards show: If someone is doing a cover of her song, you better believe she’ll be there to show them how it should be done.beyonce-cmas

4. I watch Pretty Little Liars but never read the books – mostly because I’m not in 6th grade, but all of the Instagrams, Snapchats, etc. about their final wrap are making me sad and I’m so anxious to see how it ends. Since I can’t patiently wait 6 months for that, I started reading the books. And? And they’re not terrible. Luckily I finish one within a few hours so I know my reading level is still above that of an 11-year-old, but they’re actually entertaining.
aria losing it

5. As per usual, it’s Friday and I’m spent. Have a great weekend whatever you may be doing!


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