Five Thing Friday, 12.02.16

1. Hello little old blog. I have not forgotten about you. I’ve just been super lazy the past few weeks. One month from today this beautiful beast returns and I can assume the blog will be back to your regularly scheduled snarking. Nick Bachelor

2. Until then, I’m just enjoying all that is the month of December. Tim and I live in a small apartment. Like, pretty small can’t-really-fit-anything-else-in-it kind of small. Except, there’s always room for a treeI keep cutting off the top in pictures because we don’t have a tree topper and it’s so embarrassing. FOR SHAME. It’s on the agenda for this weekend. I’ll be sure to update you because I’m sure you give a flying hoot. 

3. Tim and I were both sick with stomach bugs basically all week. We’re back at work but still not 100% and it is more awful than it sounds. I smelled pizza yesterday and felt queasy. PIZZA. So horrible. 

4. During our sick days, I caught up on a few episodes of Ben and Lauren’s show and if possible, I hate them more. I realize most reality shows come with some sort of “script” but these two are either reading directly from a teleprompter or they’re even more dull than I thought. They suck either way. I will keep watching because I’m a glutton for punishment. 

5. Where my Newlyweds fans at?!

I just want to live in a world where Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are still the powerhouse couple they once were. Is that too much to ask?! 

Happy Friday my friends! Christmas Eve Eve in 3 weeks!


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