Five Thing Friday, 12.9.16

1. I could make everything about Hairspray Live for this post but I won’t. This was, by far, the best live musical NBC has aired yet. The casting was superb and Jennifer Hudson had me in tears. She was incredible, as expected, but this song gave me all the feels as well.

2. Tim and I have been watching American Housewife. Neither of us are American Housewives and we still find it hilarious. Check it out if you need a new show.

3. Can someone send me a good chocolate chip cookie recipe? I made some the other day and they came out thin and crumbly and falling apart. WTF?! I’ve never had that happen. Chocolate chip cookies should not be difficult and now I’m angered. 

4. I bought an eyebrow pencil for the first time ever and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. My eyebrows are bushy AF so I never thought I needed it but I do! I’m gonna need to watch some tutorials so I don’t end up looking like a clown, though. 

5. May your weekend be filled with Christmas festivities. Perhaps some cookie baking like myself?Molasses Cookies


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