Five Thing Friday, 12.16.16

1. Is everyone watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix? It’s so good but I’ve never wanted to punch Rory in the the throat more in my life. Stop crying and get a job. You went to Yale for crying or loud. Stop hooking up with Logan – he’s engaged. I realize he’s partly to blame, of course, but gah she’s so annoying. I still have to watch the final episode (“Winter”) and she better have her shit together by then. Right now, I love Emily Gilmore the most and what they are doing with her character. Lorelai’s having some sort of mid-life crisis and if she effs up everything with Luke, I’mma be pissed. I am so happy Kirk is in the series. WHERE THE HELL IS SOOKIE????

2. You’re welcome for that rambling paragraph. I mentioned I was reading the Pretty Little Liars series like the child I am. I have now finished all 16 books and I feel like everything I know is a lie. The show is completely different. Amazing, but entirely different. None of my questions were answered. I just have more questions. There has to be a group of 14-year-olds somewhere who will discuss this with me. Are you out there tweens? 

3. I am behind on my cookie baking! I plan to finish this weekend. I’m also “behind” because I keep eating them but that’s neither here nor there.

Side note: Follow @my_cookiemonster on Instagram.

4. Did you miss this? I’m famous! 

5. I have the back of a 50-year-old man and periodically hurt it, get a pinched nerve, and basically nearly die of pain. Yesterday, I stretched, tweaked something, and now I can’t freely move my neck. TGIF so I can go home and immediately park my ass on the couch all night. 


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