Five Thing Friday, 01.06.2017

1. Is it weird that I feel more like myself when The Bachelor returns and I’m able to blog in full force again? Of course it is, but I don’t care.

Bachelor Nick

2. I’m a little behind the times and just started watching This Is Us and holy feels. If you are not watching this, you should be. I cried after watching the first episode and I’m not even ashamed about it.

This is Us
3. I got a new car! On a whim! Tim and I realized my car would not last much longer and if we wanted a good deal we had to buy immediately before the year ended. This is my first new car I’ve ever owned and I love her so much.


4. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year whether you spent it out on the town or at home in sweats with Netflix. Tim and I fell somewhere in the middle and rented a house with friends and played games and drank and ate all night. It was so fun, but let’s just say it’s a good thing that I had two days off to recover AKA sleep.

5. I plan on working on some behind-the-scenes blog stuff this weekend since it this ‘ol thang definitely needs it. Stayed tuned?olivia bachelor cake

Dear Internet, Please let us never forget the wonder that is Olivia Caridi.

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