Wedding Recaps: Getting Ready

**All photos used in this post were taken by J. Foley Photography. Jeff & Jeannette were amazing and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a photographer in or around the Albany, NY area**

Is 3.5 months too long to wait to do a wedding recap? I genuinely planned on writing these in November, but got completely distracted. With what? Who knows? Probably Netflix. Anyway, it’s engagement season and I’m jumping on that bandwagon with our recaps because I want to share our ridiculously beautiful photos with you. I will only look this good once. Plus, if you don’t blog about your wedding, is it even official?

The Girls Get Ready

I slept like a baby the night before our wedding which was honestly shocking given my anxiety for literally everything. Tim and I each had our own suites at Hilton Albany which made it super convenient to get ready that morning. My lovely hair & make-up guru (Erica Sherman – she’s the best. Look for her if you’re in the Albany, NY area and follow her on Instagram: @beautyby_e…okay back on track) arrived around 6AM, followed by my MOH, bridesmaids, mom, and MIL and we began the beautification process.

At some point during this time, the photographers and florist arrived but so much of the day is still a blur thanks to adrenaline/excitement. I know they showed up – that’s all I cared about.erica-tim-104

Still, I remained eerily calm all morning (which I guess was a good sign) and before I knew it, it was time to put on my dress.

carrafina gownerica-tim-192erica-tim-107

I was (and still am) absolutely in love with my dress. It was a Carrafina gown, which I had never heard of before. They are a private label brand so you won’t find photos of their gowns online. I found mine at Bridal Gallery by Yvonne, who were always helpful. I loved working with them.

My sister/MOH and mom helped me get dressed.erica-tim-108erica-tim-229

My something old was my grandmother’s (Nanny’s) ring, my something borrowed was the bracelet my sister wore on her wedding day, and Mom helped me out with my something blue on my shoes.

I put on my jewelry, shoes, and veil, and then had a big reveal with my bridesmaids.

Side note for these girls: I have the best friends in the world and am so lucky I was able to spend the morning getting ready with them. Love you all. ❤

My Dad came up to my room shortly after for a “first look” and to wait with me before it was time to head to the church.Erica & Tim-264.jpg

The Guys Get Ready

I was going to do a separate post for the guys but when I asked Tim for some information he said “I don’t know. We got dressed and ate pizza.” So, instead, I’ll just share some photos.


Up Next: The Ceremony AKA We Get Hitched!

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