Who are you?


Oh Hello. Looks as though you’re an internet creep who wants to know more about bloggers they’ve never met before. I enjoy doing the same thing, so I think we’ll be fast friends.

My name is Erica and I am in my *gulp* late twenties, living in Upstate NY and pretending I know how to be an adult. Just kidding, I don’t even try. I started this blog because one day my bestie said “you should start a blog.” She said it really convincingly, apparently, because the next day this blog was born.

This is Al. In case you ever see her on the streets and want to thank her for this amazing blog (or yell at her). I’m not sure how you feel about me yet.

I am currently planning a September 2016 wedding with Tim. You will sometimes see posts about that, but don’t come here looking for any DIY ideas. If you’re looking to read about someone who wastes hours creating her own invitations online before finally realizing that the money you’d save to print, cut, and paste them yourself is not worth the actual hours of physical labor you’d suffer through before finally throwing in the towel, you’ve come to the right place.

Erica and Tim-118
We are, quite obviously, naturals in front of the camera and do well when outside of our comfort zone.

I enjoy long-winded, run-on sentences, and I love commas. Anyone who doesn’t use the oxford comma is a heathen. (I’m only including this because it’s an unspoken rule that bloggers must provide their stance on the subject even though no one gives a flying hoot).

Oxford Comma

I am an immense celebricizer and am one of those annoying people who thinks Beyonce’ can do no wrong. I mean, she can’t, but whatever.

I like ice cream more than the average person.

I like wine as much as the average person, unless my friends are not average.

Also, pizza, cake, cookies, and Chipotle.

Carrots are poison.

I often talk about food, as you can see.

Consequently, I often complain about my pants not fitting.

Not surprisingly, I also complain about exercising.

I like to pretend I know how to bake and get way too proud when I make something worthwhile.


Okay, I really need to stop talking about food. What will you see here? Honestly, this blog is mostly about making fun of The Bachelor and ranting about things like people with lack of respect for personal space.

12 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Erica,
    Thanks very much for the Liebster nomination. I wrote a paragraph about you. Because I don;t always know how comfortable people are with poking fun at themselves I thought I’d give you an opportunity to read what I wrote.

    Send me an email, and I shall send you the bit- my self involved and very pretentious email is such

    Thanks again- I really do appreciate it.

  2. Hi,

    I came across your site https://ericafuni.wordpress.com/ while looking through home improvement, DIY and family related blogs. We think that our products would be a perfect fit for you and your fans.

    Based on your content and audience, we would like to sponsor a blog post on your site. We will send you a well written article with pictures that you can edit however you like, in exchange we will send $20 through PayPal.

    A little bit about us, The DIY Outlet is an online based retailer who specializes in Do It Yourself equipment. We cater to everyone from the weekend warrior to the seasoned handyman.

    We’re always looking to building future relationships with our bloggers. If we get a good amount of referral traffic from your site, we’re totally open to many more collaborations down the road.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  3. Hi,
    Here’s how I found you and what I got out of it.
    My sweetheart and I are watching the recorded version of the bachelorette. So I had to find out who her “ex” was(chad rookstool) and then google her pics of him. I came across the pic of ben where you put the word Noooo on his pic and the chick with kids(who I knew he’d never pic)Then I came to this page. read the”who are you” part and had to google what an Oxford comma was. (which is what I got outta your blog, not that it’s a bad blog , just not my cup o’ tea.)Ok.that is all….carry on.

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